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Increased competence can be done by providing the process of knowledge transfer between members of the organization. Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia and two universities in Austria a restoration and adaptation concept of the Affandi Museum in Yogyakarta is currently in progress. It provides a perfect case study for the development of a workflow to combine data from a developing survey, architectural study, indoor climate dimensions as well as the documentation associated with artwork in the challenging environment, through hot and damp tropical climate to continuous threads by natural hazards like earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

The effect of this review can be applied as a guide for stake slots for strategic making decisions in relation to be able to improving competitiveness regarding national agricultural market through the advancement nanotechnology. The study to find out how very much contribution of minor farmers around the farming development at Dimembe District. The information become analyzed by detailed method. The end result demonstrated that the reduce contribution of minor farmers on farming development. The aspects influence contribution are usually age, kind associated with sex, education, encounters, farm area, plus rate of understanding and experiences. This particular study should figure out the characteristics associated with students who were uninterested in attending practicum classes. This study applied naturalistic qualitative research methods using participatory observation and interviews. The data validity was ensured by triangulation, detailed description, length of observation time, as well as details and thorough observation. The data were analyzed using domain analysis and followed by conducting taxonomic, component, and thematic analyses.

This village is actually a leading commodity regarding strawberry with flower area has ever before reached 64ha.  The main trouble faced by typically the strawberries farmers inside the village regarding Serang is a new problem of flower health management to be able to support the availability, specially on rainy season. Awareness about healthy seedlings as a major aspect of plant health managed mental so needs to be improved. Therefore,  a collaborative research and empowerment of farmers is arranged to assist farmers in identifying problems and how to solve by their own that in maintaining the health of the strawberry plant.  This project was conducted firstly in 2013 by KKN-PPM UGM students in collaboration with Ibaraki University or college, Japan, Bappeda Purbalingga, and government regarding Purbalingga Regency. The methods were primary survey of discipline, farmers interview, file format and discussion between students and growers in formal in addition to informal meetings, next continued by several trainings. The simple meetings were performed on site inside farmers field in addition to it was presumed that although that was not really efficient over time and vitality, nonetheless it was effective regarding farmers to arise their idea about identifying problems in addition to solving methods which means farmers empowerment had been done in this specific matter. Due to be able to problem identification routines, it was identified that healthy baby plants were the major injury in strawberry cultivation there. The involvement of farmers in the group also needs to be improved as a forum for exchange of ideas to move forward together.

Full Textual content Available This research aims to figure out the suitability from the behavior of Accountants educators at the particular Faculty of Economics, University of Muhammadiyah Ponorogo with IAI code of integrity and code associated with conduct set on in University associated with Muhammadiyah Ponorogo. Complete population of 528 students with test criteria S1 college students are active within 6th semester plus have taken typically the course of enterprise ethics. Results regarding research by 56. 27% in the learners answered agree, which often means according to be able to student perception, of which the accountant tutors at the School of Economics, University or college of Muhammadiyah Ponorogo has implemented a new code of values accountant with very good educators in their particular duties. A entire of 84. 3% ofaccountants educator provides implemented a computer code of ethics in addition to 15. 7% will be still there curator educators who act unethically. Full Textual content Available Gapoktan or even Farmers Group constructed with a focus upon improving agricultural manufacturing.

This review showed that typically the internal condition regarding Usakti Library is usually within average class. The user positioning perspective is inside the highest top priority by 30. 6% score and their main strategy is usually to increase the use and quality regarding information technology-based providers for user pleasure scored 38. 9%. Full Text Accessible Bali instead regarding famous for tourism also popular at agriculture. The goal for this research are to know the identifiier factors of agriculture devolopment in Bali, the most dominat factors, and the variable which represent the development of agriculture in Bali.

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The purpose of this bibliography is to increase the accessibility of this information to students and scientists interested in marine sciences at UNHAS. Full Text Available The particular growing number associated with incubator business plus coworking spaces with regard to digital business within Indonesia has elevated critical question upon its correlation along with Indonesian competitiveness within IT industry.

Therefore, there have been just 38 questioner bedding which were appropriate to be assessed. The effect of regression research utilizing the instrument referred to as the program SPSS showed that misunderstanding and negative feeling significantly negative impacting the work regarding motivation.  Typically the naïve realism has effect positively considerable toward work regarding motivation. Whereas the mediocre variable such since naive realism, intervence, faulty attribution, predicament have never effect negatively significant toward typically the work of determination.

A new database released by the Project about Emerging nanotechnologies from the Woodrow Pat International center regarding Scholars in Buenos aires D. C. Typically the database includes widely available data about federally funded studies. This database is actually a starting point to be able to comprehending the reason regarding the research in addition to development works are increasingly being carried out. Centering the database about agrifood nanotechnology R&D, rather than commercial goods in this field, allows regulators and researchers to take advanced approaches to understand the product under development and their potential risks and benefits. The development of nanotechnology increased since the discovery of C60 in 1985.